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At Security Safe, we understand the need for your business to reliably authenitcate all forms of tender. 

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Protect the people and resources that are most important to you with the latest counterfeit detection technology. Validate currency, credit cards, and more with the Validator 100 Counterfeit Detection Device.

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Validator 100 Counterfeit Detection Device

If your business accepts forged checks or counterfeit money, you could face significant liability including hefty financial losses and even jail time. Even if you aren’t aware the money is fraudulent at the time, the unfortunate reality is that you are responsible unless you can prove someone else was involved. That’s why every business needs a reliable method for detecting counterfeits.

The Validator 100 Counterfeit Detection Device is a state-of -the-art detection device that uses ultraviolet light and magnetic sensors to validate:

    • Currency
    • Credit cards
    • I.D.’s
    • Checks

It’s easy to use and 100% effective when used as directed. This Point-of-Sale counterfeit detection device will replace the black marker pen widely used now, which is no longer effective against “washed” or ‘bleached” counterfeit bills. The Validator 100 uses four (4) LR44 batteries, which are included with your purchase. A detachable neck strap is also included for hands free, easy-to-use verification.

Money validator device

When your income is at stake, you can trust us to protect your employees and your business with a solid monetary validator.

Limit your potential liability and susceptibility with Security Safe.

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 Upon establishing Security Safe in 1985, President Joe Peurrung began to see things from the customers’ perspective, as he does to this day. He chose only the highest quality wiring and most reliable equipment, from manufacturers with proven track records. And it was his priority to never complete a job without providing reliable customer assistance. That’s why at Security Safe, there’s always an Emergency Service Technician on call. When customers call, they never hear a voicemail – calls are always answered live by our own customer service representatives. 

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