Home Surveillance Cameras

Keep your peace of mind with high resolution home security cameras. Security Safe gives you the knowledge that everything is ok at your home no matter where you are.
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Gain Peace of Mind with Home Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras give you peace of mind so you’ll never have to guess what is happening on your property. With free remote viewing, you can check up on your home and property from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop at any time.

Eliminate Blind Spots and Monitor Your Home from Anywhere

Security Safe works with you to customize cameras and CCTV equipment for your needs. Our surveillance system adds another layer of security to your home alarm system, serving as an effective additional deterrent to would-be burglars.
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We protect your home with:

High-Def Video

Our full-color, high definition cameras record vivid video in both day and night vision with 1080p quality.

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

We can add indoor and outdoor cameras to any of our systems and integrate them with your home’s security and Wi-Fi.

Live Image Capture and Streaming

Access live image capture and live streaming video of what’s happening on your property from your smartphone.

Extensive Coverage

Our HD home security cameras provide up to 50 feet of video coverage, and they work nonstop day and night.

Cloud-Based Storage

Store video footage on our cloud-based, long-term storage systems so you can access it at any time.

Professional Design and Installation

We know that no two homes are the same. That is why we take time to understand your needs before designing and installing your new home security surveillance system.
person holding a tablet showing a video monitor screen of their home
Whether your home has a large footprint requiring extensive security or you need only a simple camera setup, we will help you design a system that keeps your family and property safe. After reviewing the layout of your home, our security experts strategically place security cameras at vulnerable locations so you can record and capture emergency situations if and when they occur.

After installation, we provide training and tips on how to use our mobile app so you can get the most out of your new surveillance system. Whatever your needs, Security Safe will deliver custom system design, advanced camera technology, and quality customer service.

How Our Custom Surveillance Cameras Work for You

From basic set-ups to systems designed to meet specific needs like license plate or facial recognition, we help you keep your eyes on the things that matter most.
woman controlling her alarm system from the leisure of her couch

Customizable Cameras Show You What Matters Most

Every home and property is unique, with different areas of vulnerability and different needs. Security Safe works with you to design a customized system that shows you exactly what you need to see.
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From basic set-ups to systems designed to meet specific needs like license plate or facial recognition, we help you keep your eyes on the things that matter most. Easily view your camera system in real-time from anywhere.

We can place surveillance cameras just about anywhere, and you can easily view your camera system in real-time from your mobile phone or tablet.


Customize your video alerts to focus on people, vehicles, animals or specific areas of your property and get alerts about what matters most to you.


Get daily video clips of your family arriving home or check in with a quick call through your camera.

Front Door

Set up a camera at the front door so you can see and talk to visitors from anywhere. Tap your app once to unlock the door and give access with one of our electronic locks.

Please note that many of the above features require additional 3rd party smart devices.

Home Surveillance Camera Features

With our security surveillance systems, you can monitor vulnerable areas of your home and receive alerts to movements of people, animals, and activity at the front door. 

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Some of our most popular features include:

Video Analytics Security

Our video analytics security upgrade is a smart solution that turns cameras into intelligent “security guards” that can identify people, animals, vehicles, and even packages.

Linked Smart Lights

Lights can be triggered depending on the type of object identified. For example, lights can be programmed to turn on after dark when a person is detected, but stay off when an animal is identified.

Video Identification Zones

Set up an area or boundary line and receive a notification if it is crossed. For example, program your system to notify you when someone turns into your driveway.

Touchless Doorbell Camera

Get notified when someone comes to your front door. The doorbell camera will automatically ring the house chime, start recording, and send you notification when someone walks up to your front door.

Remote Access Control

Our doorbell enables you to talk with someone at your front door from your smartphone when you are away. With smart locks installed, you can unlock the door remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We want you to feel 100% confident in your new home surveillance system. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

How do surveillance cameras improve security?

In many cases just having visible cameras is enough to scare away potential criminals who know that they will be easily identified, especially with newer high resolution cameras. Home security cameras also enable you to look in and around your home when you’re at the office, on vacation, or just about anywhere in the world over an internet connection. With a robust camera system in place, you can see the package at the front door, check who stopped by, or watch the yard service mow your lawn.

How do I view my video footage?

All of our security surveillance customers can view their cameras at any time using the mobile app. In addition to providing a live video feed, this app also allows for the playback of stored video clips. You can store a full month of video clips in the app, allowing you to view and save footage at your own convenience. This is a useful way to save clips and show the authorities in the case of a burglary, vandalism, or other crime.

How do I record and store continuous footage?

Our surveillance camera systems offer recorders that can store a large library of motion-based clips. They can also record continuous video if desired. For example, perhaps an event occurred at the edge of a camera’s peripheral vision that did not register as a “motion” event. Continuous recording ensures that you can still view these types of events. Anything that occurs within sight of your cameras will be captured and recorded.

Can I get real-time alerts?

Yes. In addition to options for storing video, our smart cameras also provide options for alerts based on live video. These cameras allow you to receive live video notifications whenever a given camera senses motion. This is a popular option for cameras installed in high-security areas that are rarely entered.

Can I customize the alerts I receive?

Yes. The peace of mind and security offered from real-time alerts is valuable. However, you may not want to receive every alert from a camera that experiences a lot of motion. For this reason, Security Safe allows users to customize the alerts they receive and offers powerful video analytics that makes these cameras more useful than most.

For example, maybe you have a camera in a main hallway by your front door. You will not need an instant alert every time someone enters this area. However, perhaps you expect your kids home from school by 3:00 pm on weekday afternoons. In this case, you can receive an alert when someone enters this hallway between 2:30 and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. You can even create a text alert sent to your phone if this camera does not sense motion by 3:00 pm. The ability to customize alerts for each camera adds a tremendous amount of security.

Do the cameras require an internet connection?

Our wireless security cameras do require an Internet connection. However, our hardwired cameras do not. They are locally networked and can record on a local DVR. Our expert security agents will work with you to determine the proper security camera setup for your home.

Do the cameras work in the event of an internet outage?

We offer both wireless and hardwired security cameras. Our wireless cameras will not work in the event of an Internet outage. If your home is equipped with hardwired cameras with local recording, then cameras will continue to properly record during an Internet outage.

Can I share the video footage recorded on my security cameras?

There are two ways to store and share video files: locally or in the cloud. Video files are automatically saved to the cloud for a period of time. In that time, you can download and share video files with anyone. If you decide to download video files directly to your phone, then you will have indefinite access to them and can share them at any time.

Can I view live footage from my phone?

Yes. Simply download and install the Security Safe Link mobile application. With our app, you can view, manage, and save video camera footage from your smartphone.

Can I add multiple users to a single account?

It is possible to delegate security camera access to additional users. Any person with your login credentials can access your security camera video feed on the Security Safe app.

Will you train me on how to use the system?

Once we complete the installation process, we will get you up and running with the Security Safe app, and show you how to use it so that you can take advantage of every benefit of your whole-home security camera surveillance system. Customer service agents are always ready to field any questions you have about the system.

If you have any further questions about our home theater installation services, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.