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Your own theater experience from the comfort of your home. With your electronic partner, Security Safe, it is easier and more economical than you may have thought. The excitement of seeing a movie on the ‘big screen’ with the impact of the distinct sounds all the way from the trickle of the water in a stream to the gigantic explosions. Security Safe can make it happen in your home.

There are several key components that are considered in the custom design of your system.

  • The Sound Experience. When you see a movie in a great theater, you hear the sound effects, the dialogue, the music and not just from the screen, it is everywhere. When something comes from the left of the scene, you hear it on the left. A character speaking in front of you is heard from in front of you. And – that explosion we are all running from – that is behind you so you better keep moving! You are more involved in the experience of watching your favorite movie because the environment of the movie is all around you.
  • The Movie Screen. In the theater, the screen takes up your field of view, which draws you into the scene of action. The attention to lighting in the theater – the darkness – makes the entire world become your viewing area. It all comes to life around you. With the latest technology in screen development and automated lighting design, Security Safe can put you in the middle of the action.
  • And let’s remember the comfort. It is not the straight back metal chair, the feel of your knees up against the chair in front of you, or the guy sneezing and coughing straight at you from over your shoulder. Instead you find yourself in custom selected furniture. Recline if you like! Put your drink in your own cup holder and know that you can fill up with popcorn as often as you like. There is nothing like having the entertainment level of a great movie, shared with your closest family and friends.

Security Safe is your professional consulting, design and Installation Company. No project idea is too small or too large for the company that has been serving your area since 1985. Let Security Safe create and install a system where your job is simply to press the button, sit back and enjoy the show.

Call us now to make your own Home Theater dream a reality.

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