Central Vacuum

Make cleaning a snap and improve the quality of indoor air by 400 to 500 percent with a Security Safe central vacuum system installation.  The system is piped inside the walls to offer cleaning to every area of your home.  Cleaning becomes a breeze without carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner, dealing with the electric cord and frequently emptying the container.

Simply plug your attachment hose into an attractive wall plate in different rooms of your house and everything comes on automatically.   Power twin turbine engines with the power of 138 inches of water-lift (suction) moving dirt-laden air out of your environment at over 125 cubic feet per minute.  That means more powerful suction and cleaning power than you can get in a portable unit.

Benefits to you and your family – quiet and clean!  The powerful cleaning unit is located in an outside room or closet so that there is no noise in the house while cleaning.  Only the whisper of air moving into the hose.

Your family has a cleaner environment since standard vacuums suck dirt and contaminants into the system and must expel the dust-laden air back into the home – where you have to wipe it up later.  A central vacuum system expels that dust laden air outside where it should be.   

With a wide array of accessories, convenience features and options a Central Vacuum System from Security Safe will greatly simplify the task of maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. Call us today to learn more about our industry-leading vacuum systems.

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