Structural Wiring

Structured wiring refers to a whole-house network of data, telephone, video, television, home automation and security signals. The structured wiring control panel assigns data paths for devices in your home, making sure the right signals get to the right piece of equipment. Having a structured wiring system will streamline data and communication performance and increase resale value in your new home.

Security Safe is licensed and qualified to handle all your low-voltage needs.

A structured wiring system consists of a control center area where all the low voltage and data communication wires are terminated. With all the wiring in a central location it provides a more than convenient way to reassign cabling to a given area from perhaps a phone line to an Ethernet line. The arrangement and planning of the system eliminates the gigantic bundle of wires that so many people end up with.

Structured wiring offers numerous favorable circumstances over customary types of wiring in a home. It is exclusively custom-made to today's innovation and technology driven world. This kind of framework basically organizes all your home frameworks, permitting you to, for occasion, play a DVD in one room and watch it from any TV in the house, or place security cameras inside or out and screen them from any home TV or PC. Dispersing digital TV, Internet, phone, and sound signs all through the house offers comfort as well as gives you more incorporated access to parental controls. It even makes mechanization innovation conceivable, so you can work different apparatuses from anyplace in the home and even remotely on the web. Numerous specialists credit this kind of framework with making homes "future prepared," or better ready to handle future advancements as they create. Given this current, it's not astounding that organized wiring builds the estimation of your home.

Security Safe will plan, design and install your system. Contact us today to learn all the advantages and solutions a Security Safe Structured Wiring System can offer you.

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