Structural Wiring & Central Vacuum

Streamline your whole home network with structural wiring and a central vacuum. Make everything from your connections to cleaning faster and easier!
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Structured Wiring

Structured wiring refers to a whole-house network of data, telephone, video, television, home automation and security signals. The structured wiring control panel assigns data paths for devices in your home, making sure the right signals get to the right piece of equipment. Having a structured wiring system will streamline data and communication performance and increase resale value in your new home.
woman controlling her alarm system from the leisure of her couch

Central Vacuum

Take the exertion out of cleaning and improve the quality of indoor air by 400 to 500 percent with a Security Safe central vacuum system installation. The system is piped inside the walls to offer cleaning to every area of your home. With no heavy vacuum cleaner to carry, no vacuum bags to empty, and no irritating electrical cords, you’ll never look at vacuuming the same way again.

Structural Wiring

Integrating a whole-house network of data, telephone, video, television, home automation and security signals.
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Wire Your Home for the Future

A structured wiring system consists of a control center area where all the low voltage and data communication wires are terminated. With all the wiring in a central location it provides a more than convenient way to reassign cabling to a given area from perhaps a phone line to an Ethernet line. The arrangement and planning of the system eliminates the gigantic bundle of wires that so many people end up with.

  • Wiring Control Center Create a central place where all low voltage and data communication wires terminate so you can easily reassign cabling to a given area (for example, from a phone line to an Ethernet line).
  • Custom-Made for Innovation Structured wiring organizes all your home frameworks to meet the needs of today’s innovation and technology-driven world. Play a DVD in one room and watch it from any room in the house, or screen security cameras from any TV or PC.
  • Parental ControlsDispersing digital TV, Internet, phone, and sound signs all through the house offers convenience as well as more incorporated access to parental controls.
  • Mechanization InnovationOperate different devices from anywhere in the home, and even remotely on the web.
  • Future-PreparedA future-prepared home is built to handle future advancements in technology. With structured wiring, you’ll be ready to integrate new devices and capabilities as they hit the market.
  • Increased Home ValueThe many benefits of structured wiring makes it a desirable feature of any home and will ultimately increase your home’s market value.

Security Safe is licensed and qualified to handle all your low-voltage needs. Trust us to help you plan, design, and install a system that wires your home for the future.

Whole-Home Central Vacuum Systems

Never lug a heavy vacuum around your home again!

Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

With a central vacuum system, you’ll never lug a heavy vacuum around your home again! Simply plug your attachment hose into an attractive wall plate in different rooms of your house and access powerful suction without the noise and exertion of a standard vacuum cleaner.

  • Advanced Cleaning Power – Power twin turbine engines with 138 inches of water-lift (suction) move dirt-laden air out of your environment at over 125 cubic feet per minute. That means better suction and more cleaning power than you can get in a portable unit.
  • Less Noise – Our central vacuum system keeps your home dirt and dust free without the noise of a traditional vacuum! The cleaning unit is located in an outside room or closet so all you hear is the whisper of air moving into the hose.
  • Cleaner Environment – Standard vacuums suck dirt and contaminants into the system and must expel the dust-laden air back into the home – where you have to wipe it up later. A central vacuum system expels that dust laden air outside where it should be.
  • Simple Flexibility – Simplify the task of maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. With a wide array of accessories, convenience features and options, a whole house vacuum system makes vacuuming the easiest chore on your list.

At Security Safe, our mission is to make your home both functional and comfortable. Our whole house vacuum system can be installed at the time of construction or added to an existing home. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading vacuum systems!