The Ultimate Home Movie Experience

You can finally enjoy your own theater experience from the comfort of your home without the overpriced concessions and noisy audience. With Security Safe, installing a home theater is easier than ever before, and feeling the excitement of immersing yourself into your favorite action movie explosions and horror film suspense is well worth your time and investment into creating a family-oriented space.

We want Security Safe to be your go-to professional consulting, design and installation company. No project idea is too small or too large for the company that has been serving your area since 1985. Let Security Safe create and install a system where your job is simply to press the button, sit back and enjoy the show.

Key Components That Are Considered In The Custom Design Of Your Home Theater

The Sound Experience

When you see a movie in a great theater, you hear the sound effects, the dialogue, the music perfectly layered together to weave a story. But the sound doesn’t just emit from the screen, but is everywhere. When something comes from the left of the scene, you hear it on the left. A character speaking in front of you is heard from in front of you. The careful incorporation of bass, speakers, and subwoofers weave together different element of sound.

You are more involved in the experience of watching your favorite movie because the environment of the movie is all around you. A surround sound system will immerse you into the storyline in a whole new way.

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The Movie Screen

In the theater, the screen takes up your entire field of view, which draws you into the scene of action. The attention to lighting in the theater is comforting and anticipatory; as the lights dim, the entire world is your viewing area and springs to life. With the latest technology in high resolution screen development and automated lighting design, Security Safe can put you in the middle of the action.

There's a plethora of options to choose from for your screen, from curved 4K screen to a fixed frame projector screen for the ultimate movie replication. Selecting the correct size depends on the size of your room and the distance from your seating; you don't want to strain your neck but you don't want to squint either.

In a sea of visual choices, we'll help you select the screen that works best for you.

The Seating

Let’s not forget the comfort of watching a movie. Movie theater recliners are becoming more advanced, and do more than hold your drink and recline.

Some are built in with seat heaters or have 4D capabilities to rumble along with the movie action. You deserve seating that’s worthy of the cinema, and that means you can go as simple or high-tech as you’d like, whether you want an L-couch, loveseats, or stadium recliners.

There is nothing like having the entertainment level of a great movie shared with your closest family and friends.

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Everything You can Do in your Home Theater

Here’s some of our favorite ways to use your state-of-the-art home theater.

Binge with TV or Movie Marathon

We can link your home theater system to your favorite TV sources, making them accessible from a tablet or phone. On a cold rainy day or a lazy weekend, what could be better than curling up and enjoying a marathon of your favorite movie or TV series? Gather all your blankets, pop some popcorn, and kick back to binge watch the newest Netflix series release.


Cheer Your Favorites at Game Night

Host legendary game nights for all your favorite sports team events. Whether you’re ready to cheer on your local baseball team or place bets for the Super Bowl Winners, everyone will feel like they’re at the front row of the big game. Set up a little table in the back of the room with all the drinks, chips, and dips so nobody misses a second of the action.


Share some Laughs with a Comedy Night

Nowadays, you can stream just about anything on your home theater screen, so look up some of your favorite comedian specials on Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, and imagine yourself in the theater along with them.


Get Competitive in a Video Game Tournament

Hook up your gaming consoles to your entertainment system and enjoy racing competitions and dance games like never before with the whole family. No matter what video game you’re playing, you’ll feel the competition double to match the size of screen and sound. Video game tournaments will leave everyone feeling the heat.


Practice a Presentation

Do you have a big presentation at work due soon? Whether you’re showcasing an upcoming budget, sales report, new designs, an edited video, or whatever else your job requires, you can pretend you’re in the conference room presenting the final package. Besides, seeing your work on the big screen will also help you catch any pesky mistakes you may have missed.


See a Live Show

There are so many concerts available online for you to enjoy from throughout history. When coupled with a high-quality surround sound system, you’ll be able to feel every cheer from the audience and reverb from the guitar. Whether you want to relive your favorite artist’s set or watch a concert from another era, you’ll feel like you’re truly at the show.

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A Few Benefits of Owning a Home Theater

The benefits of a home theater typically include increased home value, customization matching your desires, and repurposing of unused space. Additionally, many consumers purchase home theaters for the family time and entertainment experiences.

Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest benefits that a properly designed home theater provides.

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Total Customization

Anything goes in your home theater. You pick the equipment and furniture that you want to be tailored to your needs. Your equipment can be as economical or high tech as you want, with a basic layout or a maximal hardware.

You’ll be able to design it to your specific tastes so you can choose to decorate your theater with specific color palettes and furniture, or you can craft a dramatic space that recalls 1920’s Art Deco Style in the era of the silent picture.

There won’t be another home theater like yours.

Security Safe - Home Theater Customization

Raising Your Home’s Value

A home theater that’s properly designed and professionally installed can boost your home’s value when you’re ready to place it on the market.

Today’s buyers are looking for technology that improves their at-home experience. Typically, fancy additions like a swimming pool are a boon to some and a burden to others. But unlike a swimming pool, a home theater doesn’t require expensive upkeep. Once you've purchased the equipment, it should operate smoothly for decades!

Adding a Home Theater, especially during pandemics and other disruptive times, is a worthy investment to your home's overall value.

Security Safe - Home Theater Improvement Values

Repurpose any Space

There’s no space that’s too small to transform into a home theater. An extra bedroom, a basement, a garden shed, a walk-in closet, or a cozy nook can all be redone to create an entertainment space that works for you.

Simple additions like insulated carpet and walls for optimal acoustics, blackout curtains for windows, and a few comfortable chairs are all you need to change a space. You’ll be able to turn an unused space into a place where the whole family will want to gather.

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Family Time

The whole point of a home theater is creating a space that brings your family together. You can snuggle up with your spouse and kids, pop some popcorn, and enjoy an evening of family-friendly superhero movies, sing-along musicals, and mind-boggling nature documentaries.

When you watch movies with your family, you can monitor what your kids watch. But family time extends beyond movies as your family can play video games, sing karaoke, play trivia online, and cheer your favorite sports teams on together. Soon, your family will be looking forward to spending time together in your home theater.

Security Safe - Home Theater Family Night

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your home theater needs to be full of quality components. When you want to cut costs everywhere, you’ll be left dissatisfied with the tinny sound and grainy visuals. Most home theaters have the same number of speakers and components, but the hundreds of dollars difference lays in the cost of each component. So, maximizing quality while minimizing cost is important in creating your budget. We suggest auditioning different systems at different stores, testing out TV screens and sound systems that you like best; be sure to listen to the cheapest and most expensive systems so you understand where in the center your ideals lie. Take note of those prices and frame your parameters based off those preferences.

Each component that encompasses a home theater plays an important role. You’ll want to own a set of surge protectors, a set of speakers, a receiver, and a display. Surge protectors will shield your other equipment from voltage spikes. Your speakers and subwoofers can be floor-standing, bookshelf, wall-mounted, or recessed into the wall or ceiling. Your receiver is the central hub of your home theater between all your audio and video inputs and outputs. Your display device is the obvious visual centerpiece. You may want an OLED or LCD TV. What about a 4K Ultra HD TV? You may even decide to choose a video projector and screen. Your dream theater needs every component to create the perfect entertainment experience.

Most home theaters utilize a traditional 5.1 speaker setup, meaning they have two front speakers, two back speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer. In general, a solid sound system has 5, 7, or 9 speakers, and the number you choose will depend on your pricing and space limitations. Ensure that your receiver has enough inputs and outputs for whatever number of speakers you decide to incorporate into your home theater.

The audio cables that connect your audio-visual chain are a necessity, and you'll find some to be priced almost as high as some of your home theater components. However, more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. The audio cables at a home improvement store like Home Depot should suffice, but it doesn't hurt to visit an audio store if you want to test out some different options.

It's important to make sure your AV receiver is sufficient enough to power a full home theater system. Its power rating needs to be compatible with the number of your components and include a multi-channel output. In order to determine your receiver's necessary power rating, we're more than happy to assist you.

While there shouldn't be much difference between high quality music and movie speakers, you may notice a difference in the bass range. Movie soundtracks produce extremely low frequencies within the explosions and crashes of a film. Most music doesn't have this much low frequency. Some subwoofers that easily handle a movie's low frequency content don't perform as well with music setups, unless they have tuning ability. We suggest talking to professionals to ensure your speakers are suitable to handle low frequency content with clarity.

Bringing The Movie Theater Home

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