Don’t go back, just check it remotely

It is a busy world today, but the need to monitor your property and concerns for your family are a priority. And it is not always convenient to be tied to a single access portal when the need arises. You need more, you expect more.

  • Concerned about the children or pets at home?
  • Want to know when someone arrives at or leaves your location?
  • Need to know when someone is at your front door when you aren’t at home?
  • Need to activate your security system?
  • Getting home later than expected and want the house to have that “at home” look?
  • Want to know there is a water leak before the water floods the entire house?
  • Or maybe you just want the comfort of being able to look at what’s happening on your property from time to time.



Security Safe | Residential Security Remote Tablet Control
Security Safe | Residential Security Remote Mobile Control

Your home may be your castle – but it doesn’t have to tie you down

With Security Safe’s Interactive Services, you can easily and remotely monitor your home systems from a remote distance whenever and *wherever you may choose. With Security Safe’s custom design services your remote access can be connected to your one or multiple systems as your need and desire dictates. Consider having the ability to arm or disarm your security system for anything from children arriving or leaving to allowing access for the housekeeper or a service technician.

Security Safe is made up of a technology professionals with the knowledge and products to allow you to even control lighting, lock and unlock doors, control your thermostat, open or close garage doors, and more!

Contact us today to learn how remote access can work for you.

*Broadband signal must be available at the remote location.
** Optional equipment mentioned.

Staying Connected to Home

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