Fire Alarm Systems

Protect your commercial and industrial facilities and your staff with state of the art fire alarm systems by Security Safe.
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Protection You Can Count On

Trust Security Safe to protect your business from the threat of fire. Our fire alarm systems provide superior detection, limit your business liability, and comply with NFPA codes and laws. You can’t predict when a fire will happen, but with Security Safe, you can be ready for it. 
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Offering The Industry’s Leading Products

Security Safe has been protecting commercial and industrial facilities from the threat of fire since 1990. We offer fire alarm systems by Silent Knight, one of the most trusted names in the industry. As local fire department officers, several of our technical staff members can assist you with fire regulations and codes. Our systems are designed for flawless protection and compliance:

  • Rapid System Alarm Monitoring – With the use of Commercial Fire Radios we provide rapid system alarm monitoring of your facility. 
  • Compliance – Security Safe is your continued link to maintaining your fire alarm system to meet new NFPA codes and laws. 
  • Certified Technicians – All of our technicians are FASA certified for quality assurance.
  • Remote Fire Detection – No phone lines are required, allowing you to expand your fire detection and notification to remote locations and storage facilities. 
  • Annual Inspections – We provide full and efficient annual inspections of your systems, including required NFPA and Fire Department reports and certifications for any type of Fire Alarm System. 
  • Repair Coordination – If deficiencies are found, Security Safe provides repair or coordination of repair as needed for your particular brand of equipment.
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When lives are at stake, you can trust us to protect your employees and your business with solid fire detection. Limit your potential liability and susceptibility of fines for failing to comply with codes with a Security Safe fire alarm system.