Home Theater & Audio Systems

Take your smart home to the next level with a home theater and professional audio system to make every movie feel like a big screen event!
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Home Theater Systems

Transform any room into a relaxing home theater and enjoy a movie experience designed for your space. Security Safe is your go-to source for professional consulting, design, and installation, no matter how large or small the project.
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Whole-Home Audio Systems

Fill your home with your music of choice with Security Safe’s tailor-made distributed audio system. Our multi-source sound distribution system puts you in control of the music and volume in every room of your home, all from a central master control area. Discover a truly innovative sound experience built on flexibility and convenience.

Home Theater Systems

Enjoy your own theater experience from the comfort of your home without the overpriced concessions and noisy audience.
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Design the Ultimate Home Movie Experience

Make movie night an unforgettable experience with a custom home theater! Security Safe can help you repurpose any unused space to create a center for family time and entertainment. A home theater can also increase your home’s value, and you can customize every aspect of your theater to fit your needs and budget. Our experienced consultants will help you create the home theater of your dreams with professional consulting and design services, from installing an immersive sound system to selecting the best screen to choosing comfortable seating. Let Security Safe create and install a system where all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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Home Theater Services:

We take pride in delivering exceptional services and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to delivering the best experience possible. Here’s how we can help you design the home theater of your dreams:

  • Consultation and design: Our experts will work with you to understand your requirements and create a customized plan to bring your vision to life.
  • Equipment selection and procurement: We will help you choose the right equipment that meets your budget and performance requirements.
  • Installation of audio and visual components: Our technicians will professionally install your TV, speakers, Blu-ray player, and other components for a seamless experience.
  • Wiring and cabling management: We take care of all the necessary wiring and cabling to ensure that your home theater is functional and visually appealing.
  • Calibration and optimization of audio and visual systems: We will calibrate and optimize your audio and visual systems to ensure that you get the best possible experience.
  • Integration with home automation systems: We can integrate your home theater system with your home automation systems for a seamless and convenient experience.
  • Maintenance and repair services: Our team is always available to provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure that your home theater continues to perform at its best.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards the home theater of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We want you to be 100% satisfied! Here are some of the most common questions we receive:

What are some ways I can use a home theater?

Your home theater can be used for both business and pleasure! Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy:

  • TV or Movie Marathon Link your home theater system to your favorite TV sources, making them accessible from a tablet or phone. 
  • Cheer Your Team on Game Night – Host legendary game nights for all your favorite sports team events and feel like you’re in the front row of the big game. 
  • Stream Some Laughs – Invite friends over for a comedy night and stream your favorite comedians on Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.
  • Host a Video Game Tournament – Hook up your gaming consoles to your entertainment system and enjoy racing competitions and dance games like never before with the whole family. 
  • Practice a Presentation – Whether you’re showcasing an upcoming budget, sales report, new designs, or an edited video,you can practice your presentation on the big screen.


Can I customize my home theater?

Absolutely! From the equipment to the furniture, you can tailor your home theater to your needs and tastes. You can be as economical or high tech as you want, with a basic layout or a maximal hardware.

Will adding a home theater increase my home’s value?

Yes. A home theater that’s properly designed and professionally installed can boost your home’s value when you’re ready to place it on the market.Today’s buyers are looking for technology that improves their at-home experience, making your new theater a worthy investment in your home’s overall value.

Can I repurpose another space to be my home theater?

Yes. There’s no space that’s too small to transform into a home theater. An extra bedroom, a basement, a garden shed, a walk-in closet, or a cozy nook can all be redone to create an entertainment space that works for you. Simple additions like insulated carpet and walls for optimal acoustics, blackout curtains for windows, and a few comfortable chairs are all you need to change a space.

How much should I budget for my home theater?

Your home theater needs to be full of quality components. When you want to cut costs everywhere, you’ll be left dissatisfied with the tinny sound and grainy visuals. Most home theaters have the same number of speakers and components, but the difference lies in the cost of each component. Maximizing quality while minimizing cost is important as you create your budget. We suggest auditioning different systems at different stores and testing out TV screens and sound systems that you like best. Be sure to listen to the cheapest and most expensive systems so you understand where in the center your ideals lie. Take note of those prices and frame your parameters based on those preferences.

What are the components of a home theater?

Each component that encompasses a home theater plays an important role. You’ll want to own a set of surge protectors, a set of speakers, a receiver, and a display. Surge protectors will shield your other equipment from voltage spikes. Your speakers and subwoofers can be floor-standing, bookshelf, wall-mounted, or recessed into the wall or ceiling. Your receiver is the central hub of your home theater between all your audio and video inputs and outputs. Your display device is the obvious visual centerpiece. You may want an OLED, LCD TV, or a 4K Ultra HD TV. You may even decide to choose a video projector and screen. Your dream theater needs every component to create the perfect entertainment experience.

How many speakers should I have in my home theater?

Most home theaters utilize a traditional 5.1 speaker setup, meaning they have two front speakers, two back speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer. In general, a solid sound system has 5, 7, or 9 speakers, and the number you choose will depend on your pricing and space limitations. Ensure that your receiver has enough inputs and outputs for whatever number of speakers you decide to incorporate into your home theater.

Are expensive audio cables worth the price?

The audio cables that connect your audio-visual chain are a necessity, and you’ll find some to be priced almost as high as some of your home theater components. However, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. The audio cables at a home improvement store like Home Depot should suffice, but it doesn’t hurt to visit an audio store if you want to test out some different options.

Does my AV receiver have enough power for my speakers?

It’s important to make sure your AV receiver is sufficient enough to power a full home theater system. Its power rating needs to be compatible with the number of your components and include a multi-channel output. In order to determine your receiver’s necessary power rating, we’re more than happy to assist you.

What’s the difference between typical speakers and home theater speakers?

While there shouldn’t be much difference between high quality music and movie speakers, you may notice a difference in the bass range. Movie soundtracks produce extremely low frequencies within the explosions and crashes of a film. Most music doesn’t have this much low frequency. Some subwoofers that easily handle a movie’s low frequency content don’t perform as well with music setups, unless they have tuning ability. We suggest talking to professionals to ensure your speakers are suitable to handle low frequency content with clarity. 

If you have any further questions about our home theater installation services, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Whole-Home Audio Systems

Fill your home with your music of choice with Security Safe’s tailor-made distributed audio system.
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Audio Solutions the Whole Family Will Love

Imagine coming home after a long day and relaxing in a welcoming oasis of music automatically customized to your taste and preferences and distributed throughout your home. With Security Safe’s whole house audio system, you can fill every area of your home with the music of your choice.

Our experienced audio design consultants work with you to design and install a system that meets your needs, both indoor and outdoor. We provide no-clutter installation with the ability to add on to your system, whether you’re planning a new construction project or a remodel.

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Our design focuses on making your audio components, devices, and wiring both functional and as invisible as possible. By placing wired and/or wireless speakers in all the areas of the home where audio capabilities are desired, we create a distributed sound system that blends through your entire residence. You can control the system using a master control area, and simultaneously with individual room or wall controls. Choose a single music or sound source to play throughout your home or select specific sound sources to play in different areas.

Our Whole-Home Audio Solutions

With Security Safe’s whole-home audio solutions, you can enjoy high-quality sound in every room of your home. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply relaxing at home, you can enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and other audio content with ease.

Our systems include:

  • Consultation and Design: Our experts will work with you to understand your requirements and create a customized audio system that meets your needs and budget.
  • Equipment Selection and Procurement: We will help you choose equipment that delivers the best sound quality and performance, including speakers, amplifiers, and streaming devices.
  • Installation and Integration: Our technicians will professionally install your audio system and integrate it with your existing technology for a seamless experience.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Our team is always available to provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to keep your system functioning smoothly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We want you to be 100% satisfied! Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

What is an audio distribution system?

An Audio distribution system delivers sound to multiple speakers and will do so by areas or zones. The system will allow each area of speakers to play from any of multiple audio sources whether independently or in unison with other areas or zones.

How is the system installed?

There are four types of multi-room audio systems. The type you choose will depend on your needs and whether you are planning a new construction or a remodel.


  • Wired Systems – These systems rely on the installation of wires behind walls and above ceiling areas that connect each speaker through the control panel and on to the system components. Direct wiring is the most durable and dependable for long range life and problem-free service. 
  • 70-Volt Commercial Audio Systems – These are also wired systems which are mostly used in commercial applications needing a background music solution. They may also be used in a location where announcements are needed like in commercial, school or restaurant locations. In a 70-volt system, a single amplifier can power a large number of speakers, and speakers can be lighter in construction with less wire involved. 
  • Wireless Systems – Wireless systems use WiFi signals to receive programs like music from a cell phone. This music is then directed through the system network to speakers which can also be wireless as the speakers receive wireless transmission from a compatible broadcast system.
  • Hybrid Systems – If you are planning an after-the-fact installation where wiring may be allowed in some areas but not in others, a hybrid system can use both wired and wireless technologies to form a single operating system.
How many music sources will I have?

A distributed audio system is designed for the users’ choices and desires.  In the design the capacity of the controller is chosen by the size and number of components desired.  Common types of sources include CD, FM Tuner, Online radio and a media server just to name a few.

What makes up a distributed audio system?

A distributed audio system will be made up of the controller, audio sources, amplifiers, speakers, and remote area volume controls. The Controller is the brain of the system which receives signals from individual area controls as well as a master controller and/or mobile application.  The controller will select the desired source for the desired output area.  Sound is passed through to the amplifiers and on to the area speakers.

Are distributed audio and distributed video the same?

In one sense the answer would be yes, only that the design concept is the same. Both the audio and video sources are located in the same equipment area in most cases and the controller selects the source be it audio or video. The additional components for video are the video sources, the remote monitors and any necessary line level amplifiers if needed.

Why would I want a distributed audio system?

The reasons for audio distribution are numerous. Not in order of importance, but a distributed audio system combines all the components in a single location rather than have equipment scattered through the residence of business.  A distributed audio system allows overall control of sound like for background music while still allowing the flexibility of individual areas of listening pleasure. Also, the components of audio distribution are for the most part designed to blend to the décor rather than having bulky equipment and speakers on display. High quality flush mount speakers and flat wall plates for control are common to the system.

Can my distributed audio system integrate with smart home devices?

Yes! With the growing market of devices like Alexa® and Google Home®, Smart Home equipment and software manufacturers have started integrating voice commands from Alexa® and Google® into their platforms. For you, the homeowner, this simply expands your control of your home audio and automation system using Alexa® and Google® voice commands.  As more capabilities are added to the mentioned systems, so grow the music and home automation controls as well. Whole house music systems are designed with outstanding sound quality equipment, but other automation devices can be blended in. While these devices will not offer the same high-quality audio, the use of Alexa® and Google® technologies might be the perfect fit for the bathroom, laundry room or office.

What is the sound quality of the speakers?

We will design your system around a recommended brand of speakers, but the flexibility remains for you to choose the brand and quality you desire. Manufacturers of whole house audio systems specialize in these high-quality audio-only devices. You can expect exceptional sound quality and design.

If you have any further questions about our whole-home audio distributions services, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.