Commercial Generators

When the next big storm is on the way, be confident that you are prepared for the possibility of long-term power failure.
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Keep the Power on with a Commercial Generator

Whether your business is about saving lives or keeping your computer system running, protecting the operations of your business becomes essential during a power outage. Having a backup generator in place can make a critical difference in the event of a natural disaster or outage. A reliable generator helps you proactively protect your business assets and supports faster disaster recovery so you can keep your business running. 

  • Licensed Generac Dealer – Security Safe is your licensed dealer for Generac, the largest and premier generator manufacturer in the world. Knowledgeable and experienced, we’ll make the installation of your new generator a flawless experience. 
  • Full-Time Generator Mechanic – Our full-time generator mechanic is always available to handle your scheduled maintenance or assist you in an emergency situation. 

 Don’t wait for the next big storm – call us today!

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Why Choose Generac?

As the world’s premier generator manufacturer, Generac meets the power needs of businesses and consumers alike across the country and around the globe. Whether you’re considering, specifying, or installing a power system, Generac can meet your needs.

Generac systems range from single generator sets up to 2 MW. Providing Multi-megawatt paralleling solutions and Gemini® power systems, with two generators stacked in a single enclosure for amazing space savings. Also Generac’s Bi-Fuel™ generators are the only fully integrated—and EPA compliant—systems delivered straight from the Generac factory.

generator lineup

Frequently Asked Questions

If I Have A Problem On A Weekend Or Holiday Night, Will I Be Able To Reach Someone At Security Safe?

With Security Safe, around-the-clock help is only a phone call away, 365 days a year. Call our local or 800 number and a technician will return your call within 10 minutes.

Are Your Installers Licensed, Bonded And Insured?

Yes. Security Safe is fully state certified and all of our insurances are always maintained and current.

In general, if a security company has a license designation of “State Certified” then they must be licensed, bonded, and insured. If they’re only “State Registered,” then no.

Some security companies have been known to take out all of the insurances necessary for state certification when they originally get licensed and then later let these insurances lapse or go un-renewed. Unfortunately for consumers, the state governing bodies are rarely made aware of such occurrences. At Security Safe, you can always trust that we are current and up to date on all insurance, certifications, and licenses.

What Is Required Of Your Technicians Prior To Hiring Them?

All of our employees and office staff are required to pass a thorough FDLE background check prior to hiring. We perform repeat background checks on each employee at least once every two years thereafter. Because this is not part of any current state or federal mandate, it’s important to verify that any company you work with maintains this critical practice.

Who Are The Technicians Who Will Be Installing My System?

Security Safe’s technicians are always our direct employees. That is not always the case with other companies, so it pays to work with someone you trust. If the salesman can’t give you names of his technicians, then his company is probably subcontracting their labor, or they have a high employee turnover. If that’s the case, there may be no quality control over the installation and there is no guarantee that the technicians entering your home are trustworthy.

How Do I Know That All Of My System Components Are Working?

All of Security Safe’s security systems are supervised. This means that if any device should ever fail or if a battery runs low, any keypad will let you know. The keypad will also tell you if a contact or device is ever tampered with or disabled.

To activate the supervised capabilities of such a system, resistors have to be placed at the end of every contact or device wire, and the system must be programmed accordingly. Not many security companies provide this service without it being requested. This means the customer will bear the burden of additional expense above what he has been initially quoted. At Security Safe, we take care of this for you so you don’t have to.

Has The Equipment You Proposed To Install Been Thoroughly Tested? If So By Whom?

All of our equipment is UL-listed and approved. This means that the product has been rigorously tested and meets or exceeds the tough standards of the Underwriters Laboratory.

Are There Extended Or Lifetime Warranties Available?

Yes. At the end of most of our products’ warranty periods, extended warranties are generally available (with a few minor exceptions.) Maintenance plans are also available for many of our more elaborate high-tech product lines.

What maintenance and repair services do you offer?

Our team is always available to provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure that your systems continues to perform at its best. We can troubleshoot any issues and make necessary repairs to keep your system functioning smoothly.

If you have any further questions about our commercial generator services, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.