With Security Safe, around-the-clock help is only a phone call away – 365 days a year. You will always talk to a person when you call our local or 800 number and a technician will return your call within 10 minutes.

Yes. Our installers are licensed, bonded and insured. Security Safe is a fully state certified company and all of our insurances are always maintained and current.

In general, if a security company has a license designation of “State Certified” then the answer is yes, at least they're supposed to be. If they're only “State Registered,” then no.

Some security companies have been known to take out all of the insurances necessary for state certification certified designation when they originally get licensed and then later let these insurances lapse or go un-renewed. Unfortunately for consumers, the state governing bodies are rarely made aware of such occurrences.

All of our employees and office staff are required to pass a thorough FDLE background check prior to hiring and we perform repeat background checks on each employee at least once every two years thereafter. Believe it or not, this is not part of any current state or federal mandate.

If the salesman can't give you names of his companies technicians then they are probably subcontracting their labor or have a high employee turnover. If that's the case, there may be no quality control over the installation and there is no guarantee that the persons entering your home are trustworthy.

Unless a company is performing a regular phone line test for its customers, i.e. testing the phone line signal from your home or business to the monitoring station, there is no possible way for either the monitoring station or security company to know whether there is no signal being sent or that the system is working properly but there's not a present emergency.

Every week security safe performs a phone line test for our entire customer base. There is no other way to in sure that the system is working correctly short of setting it off or installing radio back up.

All of Security Safe’s security systems are supervised. This means that if any device should ever fail or even if a battery runs low, any keypad will let you know. The keypad will also tell you if a contact or device is ever tampered with or disabled.

To activate the supervised capabilities of such a system, resistors have to be placed at the end of every contact or device’ wire and the system must be programmed accordingly. Not many security companies provide this without it being requested, and without the customer having to bare the burden of additional expense about what he has been initially quoted.

Unfortunately for general consumers, few security system manufacturers go to the trouble and expense of making their systems supervised, but it is far superior to an unsupervised security system.

All of our equipment is UL-listed and approved. From the consumer's perspective the Underwriters Laboratory and approval indicates that the product has been rigorously tested and meets or exceeds their tough standards.

The answer you're looking for is “FireWire.” In the event of fire in your home or business you certainly wouldn't want your system's ability to call the monitoring station to be impaired. Security Safe wires all phone line connections in NFPA-approved FireWire. This is not required by state or national law; we are aware of no other security company in Florida which does this.

Most companies’ security systems include a phone line cut monitor which sets the siren off the phone line is cut. These days however, with some companies it is optional and an additional expense. Many companies still do not install what is known as “phone line seizure protection.” This is an interface unit that gives your security system brain priority on the phone line.

If a would-be thief knows your phone number and dials it on a cellular phone while outside, with most systems currently in place, when the phone rings he can kick in the front door and the system has no way of calling out because the phone line is tied up. We include a “phone line cut monitor” and “phone line seizure protection” as standard equipment with every system we install.

Security safe uses the finest stranded copper wire for all contacts and devices. We use FireWire for our smoke detectors as mandated by law, but we also use FireWire to connect the brain to the phone line. This is not mandated by law but we feel strongly that this vital connection should be guarded against the possibility of compromised due to fire.

Many companies try to save money by using cheap wire (say nothing of cheap equipment) which can be a major cause of false alarm problems.

With the exception of our absolute smallest system applications, the systems we install feature anywhere from 32 to 192 zones.

The advantages of having a high number of zones are multifold.

  1. By putting every contact and device on its own individual zone we give you full accountability of your entire house. Should a break-in occur because everything is on its own zone, we can tell police not only that there is a confirmed break-in, but we identify the specific point of entry.
  2. You can bypass specific zones and still have the rest of the system armed, i.e. it's a nice evening and you want to sleep with the bedroom windows open but keep the rest of the house armed.
  3. If something should happen in the middle of the night you can look at your LCD keypad (with English language display rather than just flashing lights) and see exactly what's going on.
  4. If there's ever a problem, you know specifically what the problem is and where it is located.

Yes, our systems have a myriad of special features:

  1. Home automation
  2. Covert audio surveillance (which will allow the homeowner to call and listen in without being detected)
  3. Two-way voice communication (used to allow our monitoring station to record the audio during a break-in)
  4. Paging whenever the system is turned on or off or a break-in occurs
  5. Remote-control
  6. Retrievable history reports from the keypad
  7. And many more

Security safe offers the most technologically advanced security systems available in the industry but our programming prowess makes controlling the system and accessing any features an extremely easy task.

Every product line we offer comes with a minimum one-year warranty. Many products feature warranties of a greater length. Please call us with reference to specific warranty information for any of our products.

With us the answer is yes. At the end of most of our products’ warranty periods, extended warranties are generally available (with a few minor exceptions.) Maintenance plans are also available for many of our more elaborate high-tech product lines.