Transforming Your Home Into A Smart Home

Automation now touches every phase of our lives with systems serving in areas never before considered. As new technology develops, your benefit is in a professional company that remains current with the developing trends.

Automatic Activation And Control Of Lighting, Security, Entertainment, Communication, Door Locks; Virtually Every Area And Part Of Your Home

Automation now touches every phase of our lives with systems serving in areas never before considered. As new technology develops, your benefit is in a professional company that remains current with the developing trends.

For over a dozen years, Security Safe has been installing home automation and remote control systems. Do not be misled by the recent boom in smart-home tech items that have been thrust into the spotlight through massive advertising. Why have multiple products that work with multiple systems? Security Safe is your qualified professional in knowing, designing and installing systems that work in unison. We can provide you with state-of-the-art technology Powered by Alarm.com.

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Home automation is exactly what the name implies: automating the ability to control items around the house—from window shades to pet feeders—with a simple push of a button (or a voice command). But the possibilities are almost endless and are custom designed to your home and lifestyle needs.

  • Don’t want the sun fading your favorite couch? Program the drapes to close at the right time daily.
  • Out of town on vacation and want to conserve energy by turning the hot water heater off? Use automation to reactivate it at a planned time before you get home.
  • Concerned about the massive damage cause by water leaks? Set up your automation to turn off the home water supply when moisture is detected in certain areas.
  • Got a fortune in food in the freezer? Use automation to notify you of abnormal temperature ranges inside the freezer.
  • And the list continues………

Control your home and the functions of your systems from the remote simplicity of your smartphone, wherever you may be.

Let your imagination wonder, then let Security Safe assist you in putting it into reality. Oh, and don’t worry – we can handle your imagination, no matter how ‘outer space’ it may seem.

Our Touchscreen is the Control Center of Your Home

Our home automation system begins with our smart and intuitive 7" HD Touchscreen, which smoothly integrates your lifestyle and security automation into a sleek interface. The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus has seven different wireless radios built in, allowing it to tie together multiple ecosystems. A built-in camera allows you to see who or what is at your front door, whether it's a friend paying a call or package from the post office. 

Our touchscreens allow you to maintain control over all the aspects of your home. Some main features include:

  • Seeing who or what is at your front door, with a 5mp camera, whether it's a friend paying a call or a package from the post office. A photo is taken of users who enter the Disarm code
  • Speaking whoever is at your front door from within your home through the microphone and speakers in the touchscreen
  • Dimming the brightness of your lights and creating automated light settings
  • Adjusting and managing your smart thermostat 
  • Turning the water supply on and off when moisture is detected 
  • Receiving alerts when certain appliances, such as your dishwasher, aren't functioning correctly
  • Programming drapes to close at a certain time of the day
  • Utilizing voice control to tell you the weather, play a song, and much more....
  • Placing a smart lock on your office, bedroom, or back doors

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to utilizing home automation. If there's anything you'd like to control from your touchpad, there's a way to make it happen. Of course, some of the options listed above also require a 3rd party smart device, but here at Security Safe, we have plenty of recommendations and options compatible with your touchscreen. 


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Some of our Home Automation Features

Our Home Automation System allows you to live a more streamlined lifestyle hand-in-hand with security that keeps your family safe. Through our 7" Touchscreen, you'll have the power to adjust automated settings however you'd like.

Imagine arriving home after a long day at work.

  • Geofencing: As the first person to arrive home, your cellphone's presence in the geofence of our system will activate an automated response.
  • Temperature: The smart thermostat turns on to begin circulating air throughout your home for a cool greeting.
  • Lighting: Your driveway's lights turn on right as your car pulls into your driveway, and the lights in the kitchen also turn on to welcome you home.
  • Motion Detectors: As you walk across from your car to your home, a 5mp camera picks up your movement but recognizes your face as the homeowner.
  • Safety Lock: Your back door unlocks for you to enter the home, and automatically locks behind you.
  • Large Touchscreen Interface Panels: As you enter the home, you attend to your panel to check on your home's functions during the day.
  • Flood Sensors: You notice your flood sensors have been set off from the excessive moisture dripping out of your washing machine which seems to no longer be working. Luckily, the sensors shut off the machine and prevented more damage.
  • Voice Control: You ask your connected Google Home to call a plumber to come check out the problem the next day, and when the appointment is finished, you ask it to turn the TV to your favorite show.

With that, all you have to do is kick off your shoes and relax for the rest of your evening. See how home automation makes even the smallest details of life more streamlined? These are only a few examples of what home automation can do for your lifestyle. Contact our team to learn the full overview of everything we can offer.

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The benefits of a home automation system

The benefits of home automation typically fall into a few categories, including savings, safety, convenience, and control. Additionally, some consumers purchase home automation for comfort and peace of mind.

Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest benefits that home automation provides.

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Convenience: Don’t you hate having to rely on neighbors to watch your house when you’re gone? With home automation, convenient control of your home is at your fingertips. You don’t have to trust someone else with your most valued possessions.

Also, home automation technology helps performs many regular daily tasks automatically, freeing up the home owner for other more important tasks like relaxing and enjoying thier home. Lots of smart gadgets are compatible with one another, and you can set different triggers between devices to automate regular home processes. For instance, you could set your smart locks to turn on your smart lighting when you unlock the front door.

Security Safe - Home Automation Convenience

Control: Ever leave for work in the morning when it was a comfortable 68° outside only to come home to a sweltering house because the temperature shot up to 90°? With our connected home products like the Smart Thermostats, you conveniently adjust your home temperature from the mobile app so your family is always comfortable.

Our customers also choose smart home devices to better control functions within the home. With home automation technology, you can know what’s happening inside your home at all times no matter if you are home, at the office on on the othersise of the world on vacation.

Security Safe - Home Automation Control

Comfort: Some people use smart technology to record shows or to play music throughout the home. Connected devices can also help create a comfortable atmosphere which provides intelligent and adaptive lighting, sound, and temperature, which can all help create an inviting environment.

We can also increase your home’s energy efficiency by remotely powering off systems and appliances when they aren’t in use, but still maintain a comfortable environment when you are home. In addition to the standard home automation products that give you active control, some products actively monitor systems and arm the homeowner with knowledge, insight and guidance to achieve greater control and energy efficiency.

Security Safe - Home Automation Comfort

Peace of Mind: Finally, many of our customers invest in home automation technology for peace of mind. A new mom or dad can check on their little one thanks to smart cameras and other technologies. 

Tap your finger to turn on the lights when you get home so you worried about what’s hiding in the shadows, or in your pathways. Or automate to turn on when you aren’t home to look like you are to ward off potential robbers. Door locks are another automated home product that can increase your home security.

No more worrying if you turned of the lights, locked the door or turned off the television. For people who have a lot on their plates, being able to easily check these items off the to-do list and stop the obsessive worrying, home automation is reassuring and definitely worth the investment.

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What Customers Are Saying About Our Home Automation Systems

I have used and/or worked with Security Safe for about the last 15 years. Their office staff are courteous & friendly and their installers are professional, knowledgeable & detail oriented. Security Safe is a very dependable company & I look forward to being a customer of theirs & working with them for many years to come!!!

Colby B

What a wonderful family business that spiritually fills the soul. I personally have had the opportunity to meet the owner, his wife, son and the team they have built and have to say they are all a God given gift to our world and this industry we work in. I am honored to be able to work with them and grow with them. The work they perform for there customers is beyond the call of duty. I give them 5 1/2 stars and recommend to all if you need the services they provide you have found the best team.

Clay W

Frequently Asked Questions

Optimized comfort and security is the number one reason most homeowners choose to invest in home automation. Not only would you enjoy increased convenience, savings, and peace of mind, but you'd also be able to access your home's functions even from a remote location. As more home automation systems are becoming affordable and accessible, homeowners are finding ways to upgrade their houses across the country.

Absolutely. Because the demand for home automation is on the rise, it increase home value. Everybody wants access to advanced technology that streamlines their lifestyle. As a homeowner with smart technology, you'll be able to raise your asking price when your home goes on the market. If you work with a licensed real estate agent, they'll help ensure your price falls within the market's parameters. 

With home automation, you can track your use of resources like water and electricity. If you want to reduce your home's waste, you can track your use over time and note your improvements, which will also result in smaller utility bills. You can help the environment with other energy management devices, such as automated lighting that shuts off your lights at a certain time in the night, or when you leave the house for the day. Motion sensors within your home can also automatically switch lights on or off as family walk through the rooms, further helping you save energy and money.

Home automation is quite reliable if you know how to work with your systems. A basic home automation system simply transmits a command that is automatically actioned. However, a more complex home automation system transmits a command and waits for a response, which could be a response from you or another piece of equipment. If the system doesn't receive a response, a series of actions may be executed in its place. For example, if your fire alarm detects smoke, then your system will automatically call the appropriate authorities, such as the firefighters and police, as well as you. While your system is certainly reliable no matter the complexity, we recommend working with a certified specialist for the installation process.

Not at all! It's easy to let a smart home automation system take care of your home. With a few clicks or taps, you can streamline your lifestyle through the use of our touchscreen interface or an app from your mobile device. For example, if you plan to be gone for the day, set your home to the automated "Away" setting, and all your home's functions will immediately switch over to lock the doors, turn off the lights, shut off the thermostat, turn on motion detectors, and whatever else you need your home to do.

Now this can be a very tricky subject. The problem is that when you have devices that connect to the web, your devices are vulnerable to hacking in the same way that websites are vulnerable. The good news is, the ability to do these things is beyond most people, and especially burglars who like to smash and grab.

On the other hand, malicious hackers can invade your privacy. Your smart TVs and your indoor cameras may show them what’s happening in your home and valuable possessions you own. Some may even be burglars, and they can use the scheduling info and the logs to see your personal habits and behavior.

So what can you do? Here are some tips to make your home automation more secure from hacking:

  • Secure your router with non-obvious passwords.
  • Change the passwords on your router, smart devices, and your smartphone on a regular basis.
  • Keep your smart apps updated. 
  • Keep your smart devices out of reach of strangers and people you don’t trust.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi when you access your home automation system.

Home Intelligence On A New Level

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