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In an emergency, time is critical. Our revolutionary Reemo Health Smartwatch system the most advanced Personal Emergency Reporting System to date. Mobile (PERS) offers you freedom of travel and still with the safety of knowing that help is available when – and where – you need it.

With one button emergency call, the Security Safe Reemo Smartwatch not only makes the call, but:

  • Establishes two way communication with CMS professionals
  • Records heart rate automatically every 15 minutes
  • Records your daily steps and resets daily
  • Includes a GPS locator
  • Provides health insights
  • And easy to learn and use

The unit is a 2-way voice unit, that once activated, communicates like a mobile phone on your wrist helping you communicate if possible delivering vital information for your safety.

Security Safe | Residential Security Medical Alert for Seniors
Security Safe | Residential Security Medical Alert Reemo Watch

Stay at Home Longer... Safely...

The facts are that 1 in 3 of the 65 million Americans over 65 will fall in any given year.

Seniors are hospitalized for fall related injuries 5 times more often than they are for injuries from all other causes. Falls are the leading cause of accidental death for seniors according to the Center for Disease Control.

Over half the people who fall will require assistance from someone else to get up. After a fall or other emergency, 90% of seniors who get help within one hour will continue independent living, but after 12 hours without help, only 10% of seniors will continue living at home.

Contact us today to get a free quote for a Security Safe Reemo Personal Emergency Reporting System and learn what medical monitoring can do for you.

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